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EcoClean is proud to be the only eco-friendly dry cleaner in Austin that exclusively uses a wet cleaning process. We’re sure you have some questions about the dry cleaning process. What are the dangers of dry cleaning chemicals used in dry cleaning? What is dry cleaning solvent? What makes EcoClean’s process so great? We’ll give you all the basics.  Wet cleaning is the most environmentally sustainable method of green dry cleaning available; more so than any other process that uses even the best dry cleaning solvent.

Soap + Water = Love

The basics of wet cleaning—and why it’s safe for those dry clean only clothes.

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A Dirty History

As long as people have been wearing clothes, they’ve been cleaning them. From clay to lye to kerosene, see how cleaning has changed.
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What’s So Bad About Dry Cleaning?

We explain the traditional dry cleaning process, including the chemicals and the problems it causes for the environment. Read More


Need a Scary Halloween Costume?

Try going as Perc. From the way it seeps through concrete to its cancer-causing properties, we explain everything you never wanted to know about the tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene). Read More


Other Perc-Free Methods

Besides wet cleaning, scientists have developed other perc-free processes such as Liquid CO2 and Liquid Silicone. We’ve got the 411 on how they work on your clothes and the environment. Read More